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Project management

• Project execution plan

• Manufacturing strategies

• Quality and SCM management

• Project management methods

• Project management allocation

Field services

• Technical evaluation

• Technicians allocation

• Maintenance management

• Manufacturing follow up

• Inspections and tests


• Technical consultancy

• Process implementation

• Business management support

• Technical regulations adequacy

• Operational efficiency improvement


• Technical drawings

• Structural calculations

• Concept design

• Basic design

• Technical procedures


• Positioning systems

• Power systems

• Handling systems

• Extensometer

• Partner products


• Complex parts

• Special equipment

• Structures

• Spare parts

• Tools


Oil & Gas


Proxima Innovation is our strategic partner in North America. The company was founded in 2021 by two executives both with more than 15 years of experience in the Maritime & Shipbuilding, Onshore & Offshore Energy and Dredging & Mining industry.  

Proxima focus is to offer to our customers solutions on the following areas:

• Project Management & Engineering
• Specialized Services
• Sales & Representation

Proxima uses the engineering technical background and the practical experience to bring innovative ideas and outstanding results to our valuable clients.

Proxima Innovation and Friplan Innovation share resources and have full strategical alignment.

Success Cases


Our History and Executives

Friplan Innovation was founded in 2012 by engineers with different skills and expertise on market analysis, product engineering, project management, manufacturing, commissioning, and equipment testing. Throughout its history, Friplan Innovation provided innovative solutions for various sectors of operation.

Friplan Innovation, had in its foundation the premise to seek for modern analysis technologies, application of consolidated methodologies, complying with requirements, with focus on innovation on each discipline.

Today, in 2021, Friplan maintains the same premises and dedicates its focus on:

• Project management
• Specialized field services
• Consultancy
• Engineering

Our commitment is to deliver excellence with innovation, thus exceeding the results for our valuable customers, employees, partners, and society.

We strongly believe in project management methods, with the appropriate care of quality, deadlines, and costs.

Friplan Innovation is certified on the Quality Management System in accordance with the Standard ISO 9001:2015 by the Bureau Veritas Certification, for the following scope: engineering solutions, project management and project management advisory. Manufacturing management of steel structures, control systems and hydraulic or mechanical equipment. Therefore, we ensure our commitment of providing high quality standard services.

Rodrigo Pizzini

Executive Director, graduated on 2003 in mechanical engineering, with MBA in business administration, master’s in computer modeling, has worked in companies from different sectors, such as oil and gas, dredging and maritime, has consolidated experience in engineering, manufacturing, business administration, finance, compliance, and governance.

Marcello Pecci

Executive Director, graduated on 2005 in mechanical engineering, with MBA in business administration, has worked in companies from various sectors, such as aviation, oil and gas, dredging and maritime. Has international experience and knowledge on engineering, manufacturing, operations, startup of companies and project management.

Both executives served as directors of multinational companies and have a broad vision of business and markets. They are focused on results and aligned with Friplan Innovation's commitment to constant delivery of excellence.

Our Approach and Engineering

With the customer:

At the beginning of each project, a complete analysis is performed with the client team and the Friplan Innovation project manager, defining responsibles and deliverables. Resources are distributed and allocated as needed by the project.

The team concept is fundamental, since the operation and project management are treated in a consolidated manner, with schedules, premises, requirements, goals, and deadlines agreed and shared between Friplan and the client.

Engineering Disciplines:

Friplan Innovation has experience in the following engineering disciplines:

• Electric
• Electronics
• Hydraulics
• Mechanics
• Structural
• Software

Quality Policy


Add value to our customers by providing integrated solutions, with quality and agility.


Operate in Latin America becoming a reference in innovative and effective solutions.


• Focus on results
• Cooperation
• Integrity
• Sustainability

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